Push VST Bridge for Ableton

Straight out of the box Ableton Live Push is great for grabbing instruments and playing your heart out.  If you are used to using third party VST’s it can be a pain to add them. To make it easily navigated in Live you have to make an instrument rack with the VST in it. If you want to take it a step further you can map the macros and make it ready to use with push.


If you have NI Komplete or any other massive amount of favorite VST’s this can be quite a task. Luckily someone has already taken the time and done this. Audiomodder has a pack of all these VST’s optimized for push.  Below is a video that walks through how you can easily navigate through presets. 

Thanks to Audio Modder I don’t need to spend the hours to do this. This is compatible with KOMPLETE 9 ULTIMATE (WINDOWS AND OSX).


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Push Browser Hack .PCY

Dj Limbs just came out with a rad new hack for push. It makes the browsing make a little more sense. I love watching all these people improve on the scripts and the possibilities.

Here is his video showing it off:


He basically made a custom Python Script that you can install into your Ableton Push MIDI Scripts to add this feature. Check out his full article on how he made this custom script, download it, and more. 

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What are Python Scripts with Push and Live

There has been a lot of talk on this blog and the internet on large about custom scripts and python. This can be a vast and complex subject so I wanted to share an amazing resource on this.

at Julienbavle.net they wrote up a really fantastic article on what scripts are. This includes what they are, how to use them, and how to make them. It is super comprehensive and a great place to start.


I highly suggest this as even an overview just so you know what is happening when you download scripts such as the Seapush, or other custom ways of setting up the push. 


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Lemur emulating the Push

The push is an amazing piece of hardware. You won’t find it’s build quality, velocity, and after touch anywhere else. That being said you might want to play around with how a Push works, run multiple instances, or don’t have the money.  There is an amazing work around out now for Lemur app on the Ipad. It is a template that has almost all functionalities as the Push.

Lemur Push

This is a free template for download if you have the Lemur app. It can be used with Ableton Live to emulate the push. I haven’t used this with a push plugged in, but my hopes is you could use them both. So you can sequence drums on the ipad and play a lead on the push. I think this will open up a lot of possibilities.

The Lemur will not be velocity or after touch, so that is something to keep in mind as well.  


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Amazing Push Melodic Sequencer


Ableton Push has an amazing sequencer for drums. Live has also said that 9.1 will have a melodic sequencer for push as part of the update. In the mean time you might want to sequence melody, or have another approach to it. Well then this guy has the answer for you. 

 Andrew Orenda has put together this amazing M4L patch to give you some new sequencing skills. It’s called the Audio Modder and is free to download from his site. Below is a video walk through of the device and what it can do.  I’ve played with it a little and love the ease of use and how you can quickly start to sequence melodies with your push.

Thanks Andrew Orenda and keep up the awesome push packs. 

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Custom Look and Script for Push

Last night I had a 3 push jam with my housemates. Freaking awesome how deep we went and cohesive. One thing I learned about was the Seapush Script that lets you both customize your push color or just use there amazing modded color scheme. You can download this custom script here: https://github.com/mrk/seapush

Seapush Script Mod for Push

If you want to take it a step further than Native Kontrols has some awesome modification to the script to allow some new features. Most important is a Velocity sensitive sequencer. Before you had to choose the velocity of the hits, now how hard you press the sequencer will set the velocity. This is an amazing mod.

Here are the other features:


Following are modifications to the Push MIDI Remote Script.

v1.0.9 for Live 9.0.5 – 8/2/2013

  • Includes User Settings file so that you can determine which modifications to use.
  • Allows Shift + Display Encoders to finely adjust parameter values. Fine adjustment does not apply to Browse or Clip Modes.
  • Allows Shift + Record to toggle Arrangement Record.
  • Allows Drum Mode to work with Drum Racks nested in Instrument Racks.
  • Allows Step Sequencer input to be velocity-sensitive so that steps turned on will have the velocity that the corresponding button sent.
  • Allows use of the SeaPush color scheme (created by Ableton forum user triant).

Download the script here.

With these scripts add a unique color scheme and gets some cool new functionality.


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