Dynamic Frame Drums For Ableton Live – Free Instrument Rack

When life gets crazy, I find refuge in my creativity. Because of that, I have been deep in music-making these last few weeks.

I am working on new tracks for my Shatter Spell music project and wanted a really good collection of Frame Drums and Hand Drums. Luckily I recorded some over the years but never made an easy to use Drum Rack… until now.

And like usual, my work is your gain.

Frame Drum For Ableton Live Free Download

I created a free to download Drum Rack featuring a few Hand Drums. Check out the walkthrough below:

Download the Free Drum Rack

The Ableton Live Pack included seven different Frame Drums from around the world.

Bendir –  is a traditional instrument that is played throughout North Africa, as well as in Sufi ceremonies; it was played, too, in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Bodhran(High and Low) – is a frame drum of Irish origin. The drum goatskin head one side.  The other side is open-ended to allow one hand to be placed against the inside of the drum head to control the pitch and timbre.

Frame Drum – This was a rawhide frame drum with a single skin on one side similar to the Bodhran.

Shaman Drum (3 different versions) – The Shaman Drum was a 13 sided traditional Native American frame drum. Because the drum has so much character I 3 different Drum Racks. This gives you control over the quality of sound you are looking for to add to your track.

The Drum Rack is for free / by donation.  I want to give musicians access to tools and samples to help inspire their music. If this has helped you or you want to support me making more, consider donating. Even $2 goes a long way to cover website costs.

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Free Ableton Live Pack to add texture to your drums

I love adding texture to my track.  You’d think that would be through pads and layers of ambient sound design… but no… there is so much more than you can do.

That is why I made the Textureal Drums (yes… I know I spelled that wrong).

I made this Ableton Live Drum Rack with unique drum sounds from my collection and added effects to give them textural life.

Check out this quick video preview I made:


Download For Free / By Donation:

Grab the Live Drum Rack


How I Use It?

When I am writing a track, I like to add layers and texture on top of my beat. To do this I create a Trap Beat… or whatever is ????. Once that is going I like to throw in the Textureal Drum Rack. That way I can add sparse, yet interesting hits that add a unique layer to the sound. I find it gives the sound life and makes the beat feel more intriguing.  It seems so simple, but it really brings things to a new level.


Keep Making Music!

Now that you have the Live Pack, feel free to use it royalty free in your own music. I also have a massive collection of other free Live Packs and Drum Racks on the site, so feel free to poke around the blog for more.


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Free Jazz and Blues MIDI Drum Library

I am always looking for inspiration and new musical ideas. As an electronic producer, I have mainly looked at Hip Hop, Dubstep, Trap, and House music for rhythmic inspiration. Last year I started diving more into Blues, Jazz, Rock, and other genres and add that influence. It opened me up to a world of music with a different style and expression. I love what Billy Gibbon said about the Blues:

The blues is a mighty long road. Or it could be a river, one that twists and turns and flows into a sea of limitless musical potential.

During my exploration, I created a library of Jazz and Blues MIDI Patterns. This way I can drag it into Ableton Live (or any DAW) and use it as a starting point for my drums. I found some great swing, strange meters, and new ideas in these Genres.

I went ahead and packaged the MIDI into a free / by donation collection.  You can drag these into any DAW and use them in your music.

For those using Ableton Live 10+ I created a Live Set with the MIDI and a custom Jazz Drum Rack.

Jazz Drum Ableton Live Rack Live 10 Grey

Download the Free / By Donation Collection and start experimenting.

Enjoy using the MIDI Drum Patterns in your music. If you make something, feel free to share it in the comments. I’ll end with a famous quote from the classic Art Tatum.

“There is no such thing (in Jazz) as a wrong note, just the next note”

Speed up your production with the Ultimate MIDI Collection

Drag and Drop Rhythms into your project to start building ideas fast.  The collection has a wide range to choose from to add flare and uniqueness to your music. Future Bass, House, Trap, Dubstep Riddim, and 20+ Genres. Get ideas moving fast and build out your arsenal of beats with the Ulitmate MIDI Drum Collection.

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8 of the Best Free Ableton Live Packs and Effects (2018 rundown)

Having access to great sounds makes the whole music making the process so much faster.  That is why I am always on a hunt for good Live Packs. I’ve collected my top favorite free Live Packs and Instrument Racks. Download each of these for free. If it opens up a Gumroad page, just put “0” in the name your price to grab it for free.

Singularities for that synthy goodness

First on our list is an official Live Pack from Ableton, Singularities.  This Live pack is freaking amazing.  As they say on the website;

Singularities makes use of single samples and finely tuned, expressive parameters to capture the sound and feel of classic synths and samplers. Included are 40 Instrument Racks, plus MIDI clips and drum kits – all the parts you need for a complete track.

I love the collection of synths and instrument racks in this Live Pack. Check out the sounds of Singularities below.

Smashed Snapple Can Just For Fun

If you have read this blog, you know I am a fan of AfroDjMac. He is constantly coming out with Live Packs and Instrument Racks. I didn’t want to litter the list with all his releases, but this is one of his highlights.

The Smashed Snapple Can Live Rack is just that… A smashed can. AfroDjMac showed this instrument off at Loop this year. Here is what he said about the instrument rack:

I created these while monitoring the In-School Suspension room at the high school where I work. A bored and belligerent student was amusing himself by causing a disruption. He was blowing into a crushed Snapple to make some kind of dying animal sound. Here is the sample:

Unaware of who was supervising the room, the student was a bit surprised when I asked him to do it again so I could record it. After recording it, I processed the sound in Ableton Live and made the three instruments I am sharing with you today.

I love the context this gives to the samples. Freaking hilarious.  Download the Live Pack Here.


Free Lo-Fi Synth and Keys Presets

I have been obsessed with that Lo-Fi retro sound from VHS and Cassette Tapes… so I bought a bunch and made some wild synths out of them. I used the Tape players to give it that lo-fi wow and flutter sound. Add some saturation and other awesome things… and you got some amazing new sounds to play with.

I collected some of these new synths I made and put them into a free / by donation live pack. Here is a walkthrough video:

The Lo-Fi Demo synths are free / by donation. Just follow the link below.

Download the Lo-Fi Presets

This Live pack includes just 7 Synths from a much bigger Live Pack at the Subaqueous Store. https://www.subaqueousmusic.com/shop/music-tools/lo-fi-synths/

The full pack includes:

  • 24 Tape Saturated, VHS dripping Synths
  • 14 Retro Synths Based off of Analog Gear
  • Instrument Rack with adjustable Analog Noise to add Grit
  • Collection of Tape Hiss and Crackle Samples from Analog Gear


Party on!


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Bongo Percussion Samples and Drum Racks – Free

Every killer track needs a bongo solo… right? Well, either way, bongos are cool. It’s an iconic percussion that can add interest to your tracks.

I’ve created a sample library of Bongo Samples as well as a collection of Ableton Live 9+ Bongo Drum Racks. Check out this video walkthrough and download below.

If you end up using this in your production, please send a link below. Love checking out what people are up to with the libraries I put out into the world.

The live pack is for free / by donation. Just put in “0” to get it for free. Consider donating if you want to see me release more resources like this.


Download all the free Live Packs, MIDI, and Sample Packs with a single click, for $5. Instead of crawling through the site, you can grab all of them with one convenient download.