(aq) Bootleg Remix


The next level up from DJing tracks is to take those tracks and mash them into a unique Bootleg.  This Live Pack lets you take any track and easily start producing it into your own Remix. It’s got all the tools, all the tricks, and is plug and play to start writing new Bootleg Remixes.


This Ableton Pack is a template to help speed up the process of creating Bootleg Remixes. The Template includes a massive collection of instruments, Drum Racks, Audio Effect Racks, and examples. With Ninja like speed you will be able to take any track and mash it up into a banger for the club, or a smooth new remix.

Pack Trailer: 

This Live Set Includes:

  • 14 Custom Live Instrument Racks spanning many genres
  • 11 Custom Drum Racks from Dubstep, Trap, and House
  • 8 Unique Effects for processing your sounds
  • 3 Ableton Live Set’s by genre
    • Dubstep and Trap
    • Glich and Hip Hop
    • House and Techno
  • 1 Mega Live Set with all tracks and Instrumentation
  • 1 Example Live Set by The Use aka Michael Durek.


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