(aq) Gltich Drum Kit


It’s the Glitch in the Machine. This pack is a collection of glitched out samples. All samples are organized into Drum Racks making it really easy to plug them in and start getting weird.  Racks also take full advantage of the Macro Knobs making it easy to twist the sounds to your liking. 


The right scrape, glitching click, or high pitched digital sound can really bring another level to your production. Adding glitch percussion and effects really adds a unique flavor to a track. This is a huge collection of samples put into easy to use drum racks and more.

The Glitch Drum Kit comes with 64 different glitch samples that have been easily organized into Drum Racks. It’s a plug and play way to add glitching to your tracks.

Includes 63 unique samples and 4 Drum Racks.

  • Glitches in the Call Glitches taken from a skype call.
  • High Glitches High hats and percussion glitches.
  • Glitch FX Collection of strange sounds and electric fx.
  • Glitch Kick 7 designed and dirty kicks.

Here is an example I made in less then a minute using these packs:

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