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Morphonic Texture is a collection of sound design tools and instruments for creating massively huge textures, and lushes environments. With over 72 Instruments this Live Pack gives you a world of sound design to discover.

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Adding deeply rich textures to your tracks can add a new dimension to the sound. It can add depth, interest, warmth, and even a cinematic feel. the Morphonic Texture Pack is a creation from Ableton Certified Trainer Isaac Cotec. This pack gives you access to a huge array of tools for adding that lush sound into your track. It’s been packages together to be plug and play with an easy to use ascetic. This will get you those morphing textures in your tracks in no time. So much fun to be had!

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This Pack includes 8 unique Instrument Racks that have 8 different instruments in it, so you can morph between them. This gives you the ability to take any instrument, like the (Aq) Morphing Stings, and endlessly move between different textural strings. This on top of the effects will give you worlds to explore. Morphic Ambient Instrument Rack The pack also includes all the single instruments that make up the full Instrument Racks. That means 64 single instruments and 8 Instrument Racks. Single Instrument Then to spice things up the pack includes 4 effects to add lush depth to any sound in Ableton Live. Texture Effect Racks Then Lastly it includes a blank template of all these together in one set as well as an example live set I put together to show off the techniques and let you get creating right away. Below is an example I made live using the template.

List of what is included: 72 Instrument Racks (all for Live 9 Standard and Suite) 4 textual Effect Racks 1 Blank Ableton Template 1 Example track Live Set

Bonus Material:

Sound Effect Generator in Simpler / Sampler

(aq) Lofi Kicks Instrument Rack

2 Glitch Percussion Instrument Racks

These tools will give you new inspirational instrument to play with and hands on manipulation of textures. This pack is great if you want to produce Ambient Music, Deep House, Down-tempo, or any music that would be helped by having a layer of lush textures.