This Ableton Live set is a collection of One Knob audio effect racks for Ableton Live 9 and 2 Master Effect Racks. These Effects have been shaped to easily be mapped to a controller and used in a live performance. They have been checked for sound quality and ease of use.

This pack includes 6 Original Audio Effect Racks as well as one an updated version of Fade to Grey. Basically the original Fade to Grey cuts off the low end of the output even if the effect is all the way off. It has to do with the settings of the eq 3 used in it. This version fixes that with a wet/dry added to it to allow the full bass range to come out.

Live Set for Live 9 includes:

  • Simple instructions on saving the presets
  • (aq) High Vox
  • (aq) Low Vox
  • (aq) Fade to Delay
  • (aq) Wash
  • (aq) Winds of Change
  • (aq) Strange Delay
  • (aq) Full Fade to Grey
  • 2 Master Macro Racks that combine all the one knobs to make it easy to drag it into your live set and start tweaking your set.

These tools will give you easy manipulation of your sound in a live performance and in the studio.