(aq) Scale Refrences


Do you want an easy way to drop in cool scales and write in new MIDI parts? Well this pack was made for you. Using the MIDI scale plugin can cause problems with knowing what notes are actually being played. Using the Scale Reference technique will let your write parts in a set scale, and what you see is what you get!


This Ableton Live pack uses a new technique for writing parts in Live using Scale References.  The idea is having a Clip in live with all the notes in that scale. That way when you put FOLD on you will only see the possible notes in that scale. This makes it much easier to write in new MIDI parts within the chosen scale.


This is a much easier way of writing than using the MIDI Scale effect in Live. That scale will move any incoming note to fit a scale. The problem is it is a little harder to understand what notes are actually being played. Especially if you are looking are large arpeggiations.


This Live Pack lets you drag and drop new Scales into any Ableton Live Set.Drag and Drop Scales in Ableton Live You can then edit the MIDI in the new MIDI Clip.

This Ableton Live Set Comes with:

  • -12 Scales and ModesLydian
    • -Ionian
    • -Mixolydian
    • -Dorian
    • -Minor Scales
    • -Phrygian
    • -Icrian
    • -Blues Scales
    • -Harmonic Minor
    • -Melodic Minor
    • -Major Pentatonic
    • -Minor Pentatonic
  • -That is 144 total Scales to choose from.
  • -Also includes 18 MIDI Scale Presets
  • -A Library of MIDI Chords


This Ableton Live pack is full of tools to help keep the music flowing when your working on writing new parts. Drag and Drop Scales, chords, and effects to keep your melodies in key and sounding great.

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