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Level up your music, sound design, and mixing skills with Ableton Live Certified Trainer Subaqueous (aka Isaac Cotec). This site is packed with all things music production.  Welcome to the land of Subaqueous Music. 

Isaac Cotec is among a small and elite group of Ableton Live Certified Trainers. Each Certified Trainer hand picked by Ableton based on their knowledge of all things live. Why not learn from the best?

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Isaac Cotec provides tools for all levels of music production. Whether you’re just starting out or have been producing music for years, you can find something extremely valuable.

David Block

Subaqueous is an amazing place for all things Ableton Live. There are practical and easy to follow tutorials, as well as a huge collection of sample packs and instruments that will expand any producer’s sonic arsenal while nurturing the creative process with precious inspiration. This is a site I frequent often.


Isaac is a next level Ableton guru that cranks out awesome juicy beats for the dance floor!

David Starfire