Massive collection of Drum Samples. Over 212 one shots ready for production.


As a producer I am always looking for new and unique drum samples. Over the years I have recorded with a lot of musicians, synthesized, and mastered my own unique drum pallet. This Sample Library is a collection of one shot drum samples. This also includes my previously unshared signature snare sounds. AS subaqueous I have been known for my water influenced snare samples. This library holds the samples I have used on a lot of my albums.

This Sample Library contains over 212 samples. This includes:

  • 52 Claps – From single claps to layered wet claps for effects.
  • 43 Hats – Crisp and minimal hats to open and sharp. 
  • 35 Kicks – Fat, powerful and cutting edge kicks. 
  • 18 Rim Shots – Add flare and accent with these Rim Shots.
  • 12 Shakers – These shakers are perfect to hold the rhythm in your track
  • 15 Snaps – Adding some human snaps and clicks to add a unique sound. 
  • 37 Snares – Big Snares to accenting water splashes.

These One Shot Samples are all 44.1 at 24 bit to insure quality of sound. These have all been sculpted for the perfect color and quality for production.
Here are some loops I made using these samples in my tracks.


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