(aq) Dub Drums


Multi Sampled recordings of live drums placed into a Live Rack. It’s designed for easy control and manipulation

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I have always loved the sound of dub, especially the groove found in deep dub. In all my music I have grabbed techniques and sounds of dub. In working on a new track I wanted to get some nice organic sounding drums in Ableton Live. I went back to an old recording I did at London Bridge, where we recorded a bunch of one shots with an antique drum kit. I edited it down to make a complex and an adjustable drum rack.

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This is my most ambitions Live Rack I have ever made. I use over 219 samples, multiple effect racks, MIDI and more. The best part is it’s packaged with Macros to be super easy for anyone to use.

This live set includes:

  • 219 One Shot Samples
  • 3 Live Drum Racks
  • 19 Dub Drum MIDI Patterns
  • 1 Live Set
  • Racks Optimized for Push

This set was made for Live 9 and can only be used with live 9.0.6 and higher.

Download the Demo Project:

These  drums not only give you a beautiful sounding Live Rack, but it also lets you easily morph the sound and give it the exact character you need for your production.

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