Colossal Thunder – Cinematic Percussion


Need to add some epic percussion to your track?  Want to give it that big Cinematic drum sound? Then welcome to Subaqueous’ Colossal Thunder!

Inspired by some of the cinematic Sci-fi films, this Pack gives you access to epic drums that can add electric thunder to your tracks. This pack offers big hits, one-shots, integrated Ableton Live Drum Racks, and epic tribal grooves that will give your track an infectious pulse. It’s perfect for any edgy producer looking to add synthetic and organic rhythm to their tracks.



The Colossal Thunder Pack gives you advanced synthetic and organic drums for your music production. This massive collection of epic drums is ready at your fingertips. The Pack custom macros and Ableton Live Drum Racks give you a lot of power while still staying simple to use.

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Colossal Thunder

  • 104 MIDI
  • 27 Custom Ableton Drum Racks
  • Racks Optimized For Ableton Push 1 and 2
  • 293 One Shot Samples
  • 37 Colossal Drum Loops
  • One Ableton Live Pack
  • Tempos ranging from 90BPM-150BPM
  • Genres; Downtempo, Trip-hop, D&B, Hip Hop, Glitch, House, Trap
  • Please Note: Requires Ableton Live 9.7+ for use of Drum Racks
  • 24 Bit High-Quality Samples at 44100
  • NEW BONUS Track as a Live Set

Samples were made in using a combination of Physical Modeling Synthesis, Layering with organic instruments, and sound design techniques.  Each sample has been precision-recorded, edited and processed for sparkling clarity and transient definition, lending an intoxicatingly sharp and spiky edge to this deeply versatile percussion sample collection.

Watch the Colossal Thunder Trailer:

Whether you are looking for inspiration in starting a track or for adding unique and organic elements to your music, Colossal Thunder has it all!