(aq) Future Step


Collection of 2 step rhythms, Future Bass-lines, and Garage Samples.  Easy to use Drum racks with selector knobs to make a new drum pattern on the fly. Also includes a massive collection of MIDI Drum Patterns to make creating new beats fast.



Future Bass emphasis on the subsonic bass, minimization on the percussion, and intricate drum patterns. This style of music uses a lot of rhythms and aesthetic of old 2 step and garage music that I’ve always loved.  This Ableton Live Pack is a collection of my research and exploration in the genres.

Pack Trailer:

This Abelton Live pack includes:

  • 73 unique One Shot Drum Samples
  • 53 MIDI drum patterns
  • Future Step Drum Rack
  • Multiple Selecting Drum Racks for Brass, hats, and claps.
  • 35 MIDI Bass Patterns
  • Subsonic Bass patch for Ableton Live


Note this Live Pack is for ABLETON LIVE 9. You can still download the MIDI and Samples to use with Live 8 or any DAW.

Download the Demo Files Below

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