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This Ableton Live Pack includes all the Free Live Packs on  Instead of crawling through the site and other online sites that have featured Subaqueous Packs, you can grab all of them with one convenient download.


The wide range of tools and instruments you have available, the more dynamic and interesting your music can become.  And all things are not made equally.  The collection of Live Set resources made by Subaqueous stands up to high standards. They’re made with quality, and simplicity of design to make it really easy for any producer to grab them, tweak them, and get some cool new sounds for their music production.

The Live Packs are separated into folders and easy to navigate.

  • Audio Effects
  • Instrument Racks
  • Drum Racks
  • PDF’s
  • MIDI Libraries

This includes over a gig of resources. Hundreds of samples ranging from ethnic instruments, like the Taiko and Koto, to Glitch Drums and vintage Drum Machines. You will get Audio Effect Racks for mixing and live performance. And much, much more.

Live Pack Inculdes:

  • 43 Audio Effect racks
  • 28 Ableton Live Packs
  • 300 MB of original samples
  • Massive MIDI Library
  • 7 educational PDF’s

This makes it very easy to grab all the resources and start rocking out with them.  Whenever an instrument or free resource is added to the site, you will also get that added to the archive. Once ordered all you need to do is go to My Account to see the live packs and resources for download.

Few images for Live Packs in the Subaqueous Archive:

Frame Drum For Ableton Live Free Download

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