Ultimate Risers and Drops


Subaqueous has released his newest sound design arsenal. Epic risers and mind melting drops are an important part of electronic music. No mater what genre you are working in, a good drop can add a big impact to the track.


The Ultimate Risers and Drops Sample Pack gives you access to a vast soundscape for your production. Just drag and drop these samples into your live set to add interest to the track. Each sample has been painstakingly made by hand to give a rich texture.  Subaqueous uses a wide variety of granular synthesis, warp manipulation, transposition, synthesis, and more to create these risers.


  • 24bit Quality Audio
  • 243mb or Audio
  • 30 Bass Drops and Falling Samples
  • 34 Complex and rich Risers
  • 25  Simple Riser Effects (to help build your own)
  • 17 Other FX Samples
  • 9 Extra Sweep Samples
  • BONUS Ableton Live Set with all samples organized

That’s a total of 115 Samples to add to your library. To give you a taste, below is an example of a few of the samples.