When life gets crazy, I find refuge in my creativity. Because of that, I have been deep in music-making these last few weeks.

I am working on new tracks for my Shatter Spell music project and wanted a really good collection of Frame Drums and Hand Drums. Luckily I recorded some over the years but never made an easy to use Drum Rack… until now.

And like usual, my work is your gain.

Frame Drum For Ableton Live Free Download

I created a free to download Drum Rack featuring a few Hand Drums. Check out the walkthrough below:

Download the Free Drum Rack

The Ableton Live Pack included seven different Frame Drums from around the world.

Bendir –  is a traditional instrument that is played throughout North Africa, as well as in Sufi ceremonies; it was played, too, in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Bodhran(High and Low) – is a frame drum of Irish origin. The drum goatskin head one side.  The other side is open-ended to allow one hand to be placed against the inside of the drum head to control the pitch and timbre.

Frame Drum – This was a rawhide frame drum with a single skin on one side similar to the Bodhran.

Shaman Drum (3 different versions) – The Shaman Drum was a 13 sided traditional Native American frame drum. Because the drum has so much character I 3 different Drum Racks. This gives you control over the quality of sound you are looking for to add to your track.

The Drum Rack is for free / by donation.  I want to give musicians access to tools and samples to help inspire their music. If this has helped you or you want to support me making more, consider donating. Even $2 goes a long way to cover website costs.