Goals are a funny thing. We love improving ourselves and finding the next best ever, but sometimes we get stuck. You might ask yourself:

Why do I never finish my goals?

How can I stop from getting stuck in a rut?

Where do I even start?


I get it, we all get these thoughts sometimes. Luckily, there has been lots of research on goal setting and achieving them.  These three things are major factors:

Being Accountable to Others

Regular Scheduled Updates 

A Solid Action Plan


That is why I put together a free email course on Goal Hacking. I will be sharing a whole system of setting great goals and achieving them. If you join I will send you an email once a week, for 8-weeks, with activities and techniques.

I don’t want to give too much away, but let me say that I am really proud of what I have created to help people set their goals for the new year. It has worksheets I have created, interactivity with other creatives, and more.

Ok… I need to stop before too many spoilers. If you are down and want to dedicate to your future, join me and an amazing community of artist.

Looking forward to bringing in the year with more art and collaboration

Isaac Cotec
aka Subaqueous