Utilities for Push with Max For Live

I wanted to highlight two amazing Max for Live Devices for Ableton’s Push.

The first one we will look at is the Safe Push Performance 1.2This device allows you to disable potentially dangerous or useless buttons on Push during a live performance. I’ve found Push as an amazing in the studio device, and this M4L device makes it even better in a Live Setting.


  • When switching between Note and Session mode, the previously saved presets will be loaded
  • Hold Shift + Select allows you to temporarily enable buttons:
  • In momentary mode they are enabled as long as you hold “hold Shift + Select”
  • In toggle mode they are enabled until you press “hold Shift + Select” a second time OR until you switch mode (Note/Session)
  • If you navigate to the device you can enable the buttons one by one with the knobs on Push, but the states will be overwritten as soon as you press Note, Session or hold Shift + Select


The next Max For live Device is simple, but helpful. Audio Clip Trimmer is a simple utility that helps to trim audio clips with Push (or other midi controllers) 

Turn loop off >

Move start and end points >

Re trigger clip to listen >

Right click > Crop sample

Drag sample to a drum rack >


This is super helpful to quickly crop and trim your clips. These are the first 2 utilities I have seen, and I have a feeling that in the next few months we will see more and more Max for Live devices for the Push.

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Ableton 9.1 and Push Update

Ok, so the push is awesome as a sequencer. I have been using it for drums for a while, and now with the Live 9.1 update coming out soon it got even better. Now you can create melodies using the Push as a sequencer. 

 This lets you not only automate the notes in a step sequence, but also automate your effects by step. This new update gives push a lot more features that I am really excited to check out. The video below goes through the new step sequencer. 

Live 9.1 is still in beta testing and will be coming out soon. There will be other updates for people not using push such as the Multi Screen support and more.  Check out Ableton.com and watch out for updates. 

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Custom Push Python Scripts

 Ableton Push is an amazing out of the box solution. You can literally plug it into any computer with Ableton Live installed and it will works perfect.  If you want to take it a step further you can always hack the Push with custom scripts. The king of custom scripts is Native Kontrols. They are the group that made ClyphX, which is an amazing script for Ableton Live.  They also just came out with a new Python script for push.

This uses the “user” button on the push for custom settings. There are lots of improvements to workflow, writing, and performance. Below is an intro video on the PXT-Live for push.

My favorite feature so far is the Clip Play Mode. Clip Play Mode is a Polyphonic (8 Clips at a time) and Monophonic (1 Clip at a time) Clip Chopping and Loop Control. Also includes the ability to play Audio Clips chromatically. This makes it a really cool way to chop up your beats and make a cool arrangement. 

This custom script from Native Kontrols has a lot to offer, so check it out. It’s only $20 and totally worth it for the depth of what you get. Also check out my article on Clyphx to see the possibilities that open up with that. It’s a free script as well. 

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Disassembling Ableton Push

I recently got an Ableton Push and been spending late nights loving the capabilities of it.  I have been looking online for cool videos on using it. Along the way I found this video of these guys in czech that disassemble the Push.  It’s cool to see the build and parts of the push.  The video is below and I will share my thoughts after it in this article. 


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