Mystic Melodies Sample Library


This Sample Library is a treasure trove of ideas. With over 100 Melodies, you can drag these into your production, start chopping them up and rearranging them to make a new hook. You can also use these samples in Live performance to add variety to your set.  This sample library gives you access to uniquely alluring melodies from world instruments and instrumentalist across the globe.

Featured Musicians:

Subaqueous – Many of these melodies are taking from Subaqueous tracks, b-sides, and recordings. Many hidden gems that have never seen the light of day.

Krikor Andonian aka KR3TURE: Multi-instrumentalist and all around bad-ass musician Krikor has been featured in this library with his Saz, Flutes, Duduk, and more. Make sure you check out his stuff at

Library Includes:

  • 111 Audio Loops of Mystic Melodies
  • 47 MIDI Files for fast editing and creating new Melodies
  • All files are organized for easy deployment
  • All samples are high-quality 24bit 44100
  • All Samples are ROYALTY FREE! Use them in any project.


Have you ever wanted a collection of ethnic and world influenced samples? Something you can drag in your production, cut up, resample, and use as an inspirational starting point? This Sample Library collects some of the best hooks and melodies from Subaqueous and puts it all in your hands. Includes flutes, guitars, Santoor, strings, and more.