Deep Tribal House – Beat Builder


Have you sat down to work on a track and wanted to throw in a beat for inspiration?  Your then building out the track and you realize that Loop you used will only get you so far. You wish you had the kick separated, or that strange minimal sound. Well… that is exactly what I had in mind when I made this new Deep Tribal House Loop Library.

This Loop Library contains over 200 Samples, Loops, One Shots, MIDI Files, and more. It’s easy to drag and drop into your production and can give you warp speed in the studio.


This sample library is not like others. This is not a bunch of finished loops you will have to chop up or eq the crap out of to get that one element you wanted. This Sample Loop Library not only has the full loops, but you can check out the solo parts to start building your own combination, or taking elements out. This makes it very fast to lay out a beat and start building out the different aspects of your track.

This Sample Library comes with 214 Samples. It’s broken down in an easy to navigate way. It also includeds an Ableton Live Set with a bonus House Drum Rack to use with the MIDI files.

House Beat Builder

Get a taste of the sound:

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