Last night I had a 3 push jam with my housemates. Freaking awesome how deep we went and cohesive. One thing I learned about was the Seapush Script that lets you both customize your push color or just use there amazing modded color scheme. You can download this custom script here:

Seapush Script Mod for Push

If you want to take it a step further than Native Kontrols has some awesome modification to the script to allow some new features. Most important is a Velocity sensitive sequencer. Before you had to choose the velocity of the hits, now how hard you press the sequencer will set the velocity. This is an amazing mod.

Here are the other features:


Following are modifications to the Push MIDI Remote Script.

v1.0.9 for Live 9.0.5 – 8/2/2013

  • Includes User Settings file so that you can determine which modifications to use.
  • Allows Shift + Display Encoders to finely adjust parameter values. Fine adjustment does not apply to Browse or Clip Modes.
  • Allows Shift + Record to toggle Arrangement Record.
  • Allows Drum Mode to work with Drum Racks nested in Instrument Racks.
  • Allows Step Sequencer input to be velocity-sensitive so that steps turned on will have the velocity that the corresponding button sent.
  • Allows use of the SeaPush color scheme (created by Ableton forum user triant).

Download the script here.

With these scripts add a unique color scheme and gets some cool new functionality.