(aq) Sacred Chimes


Singing bowls are used worldwide for meditation, music, relaxation, and sound effects. This is a collection of Chimes, Bells, Singing Bowls, and Tingshas made from around the world and recorded into use in Ableton Live. This has a live set with 4 Multi sample instrument racks and one large Drum Rack of sounds.


Singing Bowls are know for there tranquil sounds and beautiful sound quality. In music production the sounds of chimes, bells, and bowls can be used to create atmosphere. Ableton Certified Trainer Isaac Cotec took recordings of these instruments and sculpted them into Live Drum Racks.

This Live Pack has a collection of these beautiful instruments around the world and can be easily used through dragging and dropping them into your production, They add a depth and beauty.

Included in Pack:

  • 4 Multi sampled Instrument Racks
  • 39 Original Samples
  • Drum Rack
  • 2 custom Live Effect Racks
  • 1 Live Set

Required Software:

Works with Live 9.06 and Higher

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