(aq) Hang Drum For Ableton

Hang drum

The hang is an absolutely beautiful instrument that uses the principles of steel drums to create a melodic and rhythmic instrument. From recordings of the Hang I have put together an ableton live pack as well as some great one hit samples.

Below is a live set for Ableton Live 8.2 that includes the 3 instruments I have created. There are two basic instruments that are the Hang. One is “light” the other is “hard” hits.

The other instrument is called Western Hang. It takes the limited hang notes and turns them into a complete western scale.

I also have effects for the Hang in each instrument. You will have to download Supaphasor to have the full effect rack.

Below is the files for the Live Pack. If you just want the samples then in the folder you will see another folder names Hang Wave Samples where they are at.

This is given as a free resource, but if you want to support then check out my music, or grab an instrument a Live Pack. 


I also just added an SFV of the Hang drum. Thanks to Kaspar for turning it into an SFZ file and sharing it.