Lo-Fi Synths


This retro sounding pack is perfect for Electronica Synth Pop and Dark Wave. Live Pack features a collection of that 80’s-90’s sounding synths made with real VHS tape effects, Analog Cassettes, and more. Add unique character and spice to your tracks with Lo-Fi Synths.


Have you wanted to ride on Falcor from Never Ending Story? Or have you been trying to get that Retro nostalgia synth sound or the vintage vaporwave and neon future keys? This Lo-fi Synths collection gives you the characteristic synths you are looking for.  Sound Designer Isaac Cotec got all mad scientist and recorded vintage synths, ran sounds through multiple VCR’s, compressed with Analog Tape, and came up with an amazing collection of sounds.

This Live Pack includes a collection of Synths in Sampler and organized into easy to modulate Instrument Racks.  All elements of this pack were designed for the maximum character, punch, and unparalleled quality. Easily add musical complexity to your tracks with these Lo-Fi synth presets in your deck.


This Live Pack Includes:

  • 24 Tape Saturated, VHS dripping Synths
  • 14 Retro Synths Based off of Analog Gear – Highlights include Synth Emulating the Solina, Novatron, Old School Organs, Thick pads, and more.
  • Instrument Rack with adjustable Analog Noise to add Grit
  • Collection of Tape Hiss and Crackle Samples from Analog Gear


  • Casio Drum Loops from Sa-10
  • Reverse Tape / Scratch Effect
  • Lo-Fi Ableton Template (Full track to get you inspired)
  • Bonus Audio Effects

All Presets work with live 9.7+

Ableton Live Template made for Live 10.0+


The track is available as the Live Template included in this Pack. All synths are presets found in this collection.


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