Hollow Garage Bass – Wavetable Tutorial

What is Future Bass with out some good old classic Hollow Bass sounds? This is the classic sound you hear with AC Slater, Burial, Disclosure, and old school Grime and Speed Garage.

This classic sound comes up again and again in many genres. From trap, to downtempo, to Future House. In the video below I walk you through how to build this preset from scratch using Ableton Live’s Wavetable.  Below the video you will see a download link to grab the template / presets for Free and By Donation.

Download Presets and Live Pack

Now just keep making the tunes! Hope you find this useful.

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Making String / Violin sounds with Wavetable

Ok… string/orchestra sounds is something every good producer needs. Even if you just use it as a pad in the background, it can add a subtle dimension to your track.  I made a rad preset in Ableton Live 10’s Wavetable.  Below is a video walkthrough on how to make it yourself, or grab the preset for a $1 below.

Have fun using the preset and adding it to your tunes. Perfect for backing in Future Bass, electronic / indie, or other styles. Enjoy ;)

Download the Preset for $1


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Gritty Bass – Madeon, Getter, Style Bass with Wavetable

I love when tracks have a nice lush sub bass that gives room for dubstep leads, and other midbass elements to come through. Freaking love how Madeon and Marshmallow do this in his music.  I recreated that style of sound using Ableton Live’s Wavetable synth. It’s a low gritty sub bass using a subtle formant sound.  Check out the video below:

Download the Preset for $1


Grab the full Future Bass Wavetable Preset Library here: https://subaqueousmusic.com/shop/music-tools/ableton-live/future-bass-wavetable-presets/

The pack is inspired by artists such as Venemy, Flume, Chainsmokers, Odesza, Tony Romera, and Marshmello. The Wavetable presets are meticulously good and usable in many genres including future bass, trap, hip hop, dubstep, and even tropical house!

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Big Pad Chords – Virtual Riot, Odesza, Wavetable

So bass will only get you so far. You also need chords, pads, and other sounds to make the track feel finished. I am a big fan of lush chords. The kind I hear in Virtual Riot’s and Odesza’s tracks. I made this new Wavetable Preset with that sound in mind. Check out the video below or grab the preset for a $1.


Download the Wavetable Preset


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Electro / Future Bass Wavetable Preset

Ok… Confession. I have loved Daft Punk forever. Love those guys. There Electro sound is on fire and I have loved seeing how thay have changed over the years. The sound of Daftpunk comes down to the talk box vocals and their bass lines. For years I have tried to decode the analog style sound, and have cracked it with Wavetable. I have also noticed this style of sound in more modern production like Haywyre and Jazzy style chill out. It’s been sneaking it’s way into a lot of Future Bass tracks.


So like always, you can grab the preset for $1 or watch the video for step by step on making your own.

Download the Preset


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Retro Pluck Lead – Flume, Zedd, Wavetable Preset

A highly used sound in Future Bass is the retro pluck. It is a fast, almost shimmering synth sound. In the video below I walk you through how to make this icon patch with Ableton Live Wavetable.  Check out the walkthrough video on how to make the preset, or grab the preset for $1:

Grab the Preset for $1


Want the full Future Bass Library? I created a massive pack of Future Bass presets and Live Sets.  It’s a collection of top of the line Wavetable Presets with that tasty Future Bass sound.

Grab the Future Bass Wavetable Presets

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