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I do a lot of reading, research, and experimentation to stay at the top of my game. I am constantly looking for new techniques, inspirational insight, or information on the changing music industry.  I’ve decided to share my top blogs and websites with you. I’ve had these blogs bookmarked for a while and find myself constantly going back to them.  Now there are tons of blogs out there, but these are the best and the ones that I’ve repeatedly found relevant.

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Here is a round up of the best blogs that are centered around Ableton Live.

Ableton Live (Offical blog) – Ok… This one is obvious. Well, some people forget about how awesome this one is, and I  just had to mention it.  This blog will keep you up to date on all things Ableton. The videos they release are amazing, and there are constant interviews coming from this blog. – Sidebrain is the love child of Ableton Certified Trainer Yeuda. This blog always has new tools, tips, and techniques. Yeuda has been releasing free Ableton Live Racks on Wednsday to help in music production. Really cool site and worth keeping up on.

AfroDjMac – Afro is the man!  This blog has been a go to for a lot of people. Lots of info on music production and Ableton Live techniques. AfroDjMac also has a huge collection of free instruments to download.

Point Blank – Point Blank is an Ableton Live School that has some fantastic articles on using Ableton Live.  A lot of their posts are longer videos about music production. Not the best for quick tips, but it’s great for getting into other musicians processes.

Warp Academy – Warp Academy is an online school that only focuses on Ableton Live. They have the biggest collection of Ableton Certified Trainers and have come out with a lot of fantastic articles. A lot of the articles or quick tips, tricks, and inspirational ways of looking at music production.

Tom Cosm – This was one of the first blogs I saw on Ableton Live techniques. Tom is a boss of cool new ideas. He is always sharing new M4L devices, Audio Effects, and new ways of looking at Live.


Here is a list of blogs centered around music production. Some of them are more geared towards mixing techniques, or live sets, or basic techniques. These blogs will have something for everyone.

CreativeLive Audio Blog – This blog has been releasing a lot of amazing articles from producers all over the world. Really well rounded blog on music production.  Everything from rock mixing to synthesis.

DJTechTools – This blog started by sharing new techniques with DJ’s. Now it has grown into something else entirely. This blog has a lot of gear reviews, music news, and techniques. A must watch if you are trying to add electronic techniques to your live performances.

Createdigitalmusic – This blog is one of the biggest music production blogs out there.  They were one of the first, and are still pumping out new content. Amazing assortment of videos on new technologies and approaches to music production.

Splice – Splice is a new sharing service, but they also have a great blog. The blog has lots of artist interviews, sharing their techniques. Well laid out, and top notch info.

Dubspot – Dubspot is a music production school out of NY and LA. There blog is always being updated with new videos and tutorials. Lots of their stuff is pretty high level and great of intermediate musicians looking to pick up some new ideas.

Sonic Scoop – This long standing blog has a lot to offer. I really enjoy their interviews and articles. There is a lot of information here that is centered around recording studios and rock, but it has info for any producer.

Boyinband – This site is great for at home music producers. Lots of articles on music technology, vst’s, and sample packs.


Now if you want to be a musician full time, then you have to realize this is an industry. You need to stay on top of what is happening to be a part of the next wave. Learning about the industry will help you navigate Copywrite, new social networks, performance laws, and more. Here is a list of blogs I keep up with to stay in the know.

ASCAP – Ascap is a PRO, an organization to help collect royalties for artists. Even if you are not signed up with them you can learn a lot from their blog. Lots of news on the laws in the music industry.

BMI – This is another PRO and big competitor of ASCAP. To follow suit, they also have an amazing blog on industry news.

Hypebot – If you want to keep up with music technology, then this is a good blog to watch. They have lots of articles on how people stream music and how they find new music. This kind of information is important to stay up on so you are getting the most income from your releases. – This blog has a lot of information around the music industry. They don’t write many articles, but when they do they go deeper into the topic. A lot of times it feels like dissertations, or case studies in the industry. Amazing blog to follow.

Music 3.0 – This is a humble looking blog, but the information is right on point. This blog has a lot of articles on consumer habits and technology.


That’s my comprehensive list of blogs to follow. If you have a blog you follow that is not on the list, comment below so we can all check it out.



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