Over the past week I have been loving using my Launchpad Mini and the custom LPC Live 2 script for drum sequencing. As I am still learning how to write new drums on the fly I decided to make a few “cheat sheets”.  I have printed these out and use them to help me write in the patterns. The idea here is if I do it enough, it will be second nature.

The images below show the sequence in a 1/16th setting. They can also help you visualize different beat patterns in multiple genres for your own production.

House and DnB Step Sequence

For me what I am doing is writing on the Kick part, and the Clap part into my step sequencer to then create the beat. If you wanted to, you could always recreate this in Ableton like the image below:

House Music Midi Pattern ableton

Below are more drum pattern examples. At the bottom of the article I will also have a free download (with login) of the Images as well as a blank one you can use as a template.

Step Sequence for House Music

Step Sequence for House Music

Patterns for Deep house

Patterns for Deep house

dubstep and Hip Hop

Euro House Step Sequence

Download Example Images

If you make your own sequences form the template feel free to share it. Also, if you want more genres feel free to comment below.

EDIT:  I got a request for hip hop and funk, so I made a new sequence chart. Here it is below. Now keep in mind this is on a grid. I tried to show the notes starting a little off time to give you an idea of the swing. Hip hop is all about swinging in and out of time. Use the basic pattern and build from there.

Funk Break Beat Pattern