Over the last month I got really inspired to remake a few of my tracks. I wanted to add new beats and energy to my older tracks, or the ones that just didn’t hit it. I found myself making a lot of Trap beats. Along the way I made quite a library of trap rhythms in MIDI format. I love using MIDI because I can drag and drop it into my live set and switch out different drums.

I put together a library of MIDI Trap beats for y’all. The parts are separated to make it easy to mix and match. I have the beats separated into hats, snares, and kicks.  Total of 36 MIDI Clips. The MIDI files work with any DAW. Just drag them into the track you are working on and add drum sounds to the MIDI track.

For all the Ableton Live users I have a Live Set with it all laid out and easy to use.  You can play High Hats and switch up the snare pattern. This makes it very easy to come up with new beats.



Download all the free Live Packs, MIDI, and Sample Packs with a single click, for $5. Instead of crawling through the site, you can grab all of them with one convenient download.