I’ve been playing with creating my own waveforms to use in Simpler for production and been loving it. By creating a waveform and then adding it to a Simpler you can create really uniquely shaped sounds with a lot of character. It’s been amazing in my music to create thick and rich soundscapes.

Basically I created and modulated a bunch of small wave forms. Like a sine wave, square-wave, and such. I then used processing as well as warp markers to shape the sound how I wanted it.  After having this huge 81 unique samples I can then drag and drop them into ableton’s Sampler to make a synth from it. Then adding effects to the chain I now have an awesome new instrument.

I have collected the waveforms into a single Ableton Project folder as well as a zip file of all the waveforms (for any daw). For ableton I have created a custom Instrument rack to use the Waveforms as well as a custom Audio Effect Rack. Check out the video below that does a walk through, and download the files to start playing with this. It will add a whole new level of sound production to play with.

Here is a video with a walk through.