I’ve really loved a lot of the free audio effect racks by PerforModule.  We have been talking about doing a guest rack / effect for each other and I was stoked to see what he sent me.  

PerforModule put together a Live Pack that has a unique way of adding sub bass by sidechaining it to the Kick. A lot of people use the Sidechain of a Compressor or Gate to take out sub bass. In this case PerforModule is using it to add sub bass.  The cool thing about this is it’s also following whatever note you are playing in your bassline. That way the Sub Bass always works with the key your track is in.

Here is an audio example of the effect:

This Rack uses Operator, so you will need Suite to use it. Download this below for use with Ableton Live 9.05 Suite.

Watch this video if you need to know how to install a live pack. 

I’ll be releasing a new Live pack on PerforModule as well, so keep an eye open for that. Hint… It has to do with Kicks.