3 years ago the project Subaqueous was born. Along the way I have shared the techniques I have learned, the lessons, and the sounds. That is why for my anniversary I am excited to bring another Subaqueous Contest.

The Subaqueous Mix Contest

This contest is for aspiring and established musicians. The winner of the Contest will get hundreds of dollars in free gear / software. The two running up producers will also win a lot of swag.

Subaqueous remix Competition with Ableton Prizes

Big thanks to all the amazing companies that are helping support this community and sponsoring the event. Icon Controllers, Plugin Boutique, Warp Academy, Ableton, Wave DNA, Loopmasters. Audiofile, Sknote, and AfroDjMac.

Get in the Contest!


Step One: Visit our facebook page, like it, and download the Live Pack.

Just visit:The Subaqueous Page and Like it to download. The Pack is is full of samples, instruments, one shots, and more. Then you can mold these sounds into your own track.

Free Live Pack Download includes:

  • Glitch Drum Kit
  • (aq) Udu Water Drum
  • 2 Song Templates
  • Taiko Drum Rack

Example of the 2 templates below:

Step Two: Create a New Track

Once you have the Live Pack you can mold these sounds into your own track. The song templates are made to help kick-start your creativity. They lay out a feel and some parts. Take it from there.

Any track you make from these packs is totally yours and you will have all royalties and ownership of them as well. You might win hundreds in Swag and get a new track for your next album.

Step Three: Submit Your Track

To submit your track just visit https://soundcloud.com/groups/tracks-made-with-subaqueous-packs and upload your track to the group.

Submit track by May 12th!

Step Four: Join the Conversation


Now that you have submitted a track feel free to comment on other people’s tracks and connect with the other producers. A great opportunity to see how other people use these tools, as well as their unique style.

The Judging:

Here is a quick bullet point of how the tracks are being judged.

  • Obvious use of Samples and Packs

  • Unique sounds and Arrangement

  • Sound quality


Here is a full rundown of the prizes for the winners and some prizes for everyone that enters.

Grand Prize Winner:

That is over 800 in gear and production tools!

2 Runner Ups:

Over 300 in prizes for the 2 runner ups.

To stay up to date on the contest join the website to get emails and updates on the event. I will send out a reminder email and any other information if it changes. Thanks everyone for being a part of this. Enjoy the Live Packs and can’t wait to see what you create!