There are many instances where a musician will come up to me and be done and out of themselves over their production. They feel it’s just no good they have been working on it for a year or so.  Well, my word of advice is to just stick through with it, and here is why.

A long time ago my friend Joshua Penman, aka Akara, once told me a very wise statement about making music. He said it’s important to know the music always sounds bad until it’s finished. You have to be ok and know that it will never sound as good as anything out there until it’s done. No one writes the best and already the track blows your mind. It takes a while to develop it and go through the process of making it better.

Your creative mastery works in the same way. It is a process of practicing your skills and getting better and better at it. No one is born with super hero music making skills. There is no luck to it, just dedication.

Don’t let your music get you down at first. Don’t let your inner critic tell you, it’s not as good as everyone else’s music. That is a totally normal part of the process. This short video from Ira Glass explains this idea really well.


An amazing point that Ira brings up is that when we first get started our taste is more developed than our skills. This is why you think your music might not be very good. You’re just ahead of yourselves. Given time your taste and skills will align and what you want to create, will be at your fingertips.

Remember, it’s a process. The more fun and adventure you can make the process of learning and developing the quicker this part of the process will pass.