I have always dreamed of making this exact video. Something provocative, emotional, and meaningful to me. When Marya Stark and Tiare Tashnick reached out to me about collaborating, I was elated. Well, actually I was uncontrollably grinning and dancing around.

I am honored to present this new music video.

To give you a glimps on my creative process, here are some words I write about this video.

Our world is asking us to rise to greatness. We can no longer hide from the shadow or get lost in illusion. We are being asked to shatter the spells, to empower ourselves with love, and make this world a better place. Will you rise to the challenge?

I started to vision with Marya and Tiare Tashnick on how this can grow into an immersive experience. How could we breathe further life into the transformative fire? Beyond elated to work with such a talented creator as Tiare. This video was our first step in an evolving epic of music, visuals, art, ritual, and movement. We will rise to the challenge and hope to stand beside you.

The song is Spirit Rose featuring Khatchadour Khatchadourian on Duduk and Marya Stark on vocals.