While working on my new Subaqueous Album, I came up with an idea. I wanted to record vocals with Marya Stark  but not in the studio. I wanted to trek out to a remote place in the woods and dive deep into the music. After much experimenting, I found out a way to use the Zoom H6 and the Ipad to record. We were able to do full multitracking, layering, and even editing out in the woods and it all fit in a backpack.

Here is the video walk through. Below that, I have some links to the app and gear used.


Here is a list of some of the things you might need.

Zoom H6:

I am not going to get into an in-depth review, but the basics are I love this Feild recorder.  The Zoom cost me 350 on Amazon (cheapest I could find) and it’s already a staple. I have had the Zoom H4n for years and needed to upgrade.

You can easily connect this to your laptop and use it as a soundcard, or straight into your Ipad. I was also blown away by the quality of the sound. It sounds as good as my studio sound card. Check out this video for a good comparison with the Scarlett line by Focusrite. 


Ok… obviously. Not much to say here except make sure you get one with lots of space on it. Well worth the extra money for this sort of thing.

Apple Camera Connector Kit (CCK):

Like I say in the video, it’s important you get the official Apple CCK. I tried 2 knockoffs from Amazon and they didn’t work. One broke in a week and the other was always “unrecognized”.

Pretty much everywhere it’s $30. I grabbed mine off Amazon. 

Auria Pro App for iPad:

Lastly you will need the Auria Pro app. Here is a link to iTunes apple store to grab the Auria Pro App. 

After that, you should be all set to start recording in the woods. Remember you have 4 stock XLR / TSR inputs on the Zoom and you can do multi tracking.  Damn the future is awesome.