Privte One on One classes for Ableton Live

From the studio to the stage, Ableton Live is used to create, record, produce, and even perform music.  Through one on one tutoring and private courses I can teach you the basics and how to master the in’s and out’s of Ableton Live and get you producing, DJ, and performing in no time.


One on One Skype Lessons

Every question and every musician are different. We have different gear, goals, and taste. In these one on one private lessons we will go over exactly what you need to know to quickly move on to creating the music you want.  I can tailor the class to answer things about mixing, a specific sound design, gear, marketing music, you name it. With over 7 years in the industry and being an authority in Ableton live I have a lot to offer. Fill Contact Form on the bottom of the page to get started


Private Lessons at $30 a half hour.


Full Ableton Mastery Courses

Over the years of having students I have culminated together a course that can take you from the very beginning of Ableton Live into ninja level mastery. We will do the hour over skype and use screen sharing to walk through Live. As well as an hour of downloadable review videos, practical videos, and resources.


Each course is $280 for the 4 week intensive.


Ableton Live Level 1 Course:

Intensive on learning Ableton Basics. We will go over the basics of the program, layout, using a midi controller, and more. By the end of this course you will have everything you need to start making music in Live.

  • Class 1: Basics of Playing in Ableton
  • Class 2: Laying down a Track
  • Class 3: Modulate and Mangling Sound
  • Class 4: Level up in Production Techniques
  • Includes Review Videos  and$100 coupon for resources and Ableton Templates.

Ableton Live Level 2 Course:

This course can either follow the Level 1 Course, or you can dive straight into it if you know the basics of Live.  This class will teach advanced techniques for composing, producing and performing music. This includes sampling, synthesizing and processing with effects and controllers. After this course you will have the understanding to get mix your music for audiophiles, and have a deep understanding of your production in Ableton Live.

  • Class 1: Advance Mixing
  • Class 2: Basics of Synthesis and Sound Design
  • Class 3: Advance Midi and Effects
  • Class 4: Performing with Live
  • Includes Review Videos  and$100 coupon for resources and Ableton Templates.

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