I had the opportunity to make it out to Berlin for Ableton’s music summit called Loop. The event left me inspired, helped grow my creative network, and gave me a lot of ideas to take into the studio. In this article, I am going to be sharing my thoughts on the event, highlights, and some review videos at the end. To start, I want to share my highlights of the event and what I think made it an amazing experience that I will want to come back to every year.


I’ve gone to a lot of conferences over the years. Almost all of them are top bottom classes where you are listening to lectures. Sometimes there are panel discussions to get people engaged, but they don’t quite do it. Loop is on a whole other level when it comes to getting the attendees to collaborate. The event included open roundtable discussions where groups of strangers had structured conversations. There was open meet up sessions and rooms full of instruments that people could jam on. (image below is of me helping out the “Jam Room” with a 20 person set up. All sorts of gear and technology to play with). I loved seeing collaboration being such a strong aspect of the event. 


A trap people can get into with the music industry is thinking that it’s only filled with white middle-aged male rock stars. It’s a stereotype that doesn’t serve the rich diversity of musicians in the world. Loop did an amazing job of showing diversity in all its programming and I am really grateful for it.  There classes and panels had a wide range of ethnic backgrounds, gender, and age. I found this really added to the overall experience. Looking at music through a wider lens culturally, politically, economically, and from every viewpoint you can, helps create a more holistic atmosphere.

Music Education:

Ableton Live has been helping create a lot of resources and opportunities in Music Education. Loop pushed this initiative even further. They had many inspirational classes on music education, how we can help inspire youth, panel discussions, and more.  I think it is important to realize each one of use has been made a better musician by learning from others. Education is the backbone of a healthy music community. I had a great time at loop connecting with other educators and deepen the conversation.


The number one thing I loved about loop was connecting and networking with people from around the world. I had the opportunity to meet other Ableton Certified Trainers I have been talking with online for years. I also got to meet so many new musicians and aspiring producers. The atmosphere at Loop was very open for people to connect. With all the collaborations and Jams, people naturally connected.  So many new friends were made that will far outgrow my short time at Loop.

Every morning I made a review video of my experience at Loop. It was a really fun way for me to take notes and remember my highlights. Remember… these were taken in a jet-lagged state before rushing off to loop in the morning… but I think it shows my excitement for what I was experiencing.


Loop was an amazing experience. I feel so inspired to hit the studio. I have new synthesis techniques, a new way of looking at collaboration, and new ideas to put into practice. I am really grateful that Loop creates a potent place for the music community to come and connect. Thank you to everyone I meet at Loop and hope to see you there in 2018.


Where you there? What were some of your highlights and thoughts? Comment bellow, I would love to hear your perspective.