When you first get the push you can plug it in and start rocking out. It’s so easy to use the Note Mode to play new melodies in a chosen scale.  I found that after playing with it for a while I sometimes wonder how to make different type of chords. Or when you are jamming with someone, it’s important to be able to communicate which notes you are playing.

Because of this I made a worksheet to visually show off the note positions on the push as well as chord shapes. Below is the image I created to help in learning the In Key Mode on Push.

Push Chords, notes,  and melodies

You can download this image (Right click and Save Image As) and print it off for use in the studio. I have found this as an awesome tool to show off note positions to my students.  One of the most useful things I found is to know that the blue key is the root note, and then memorize the note positions from there. Once you get that down you can easily know what chord, or note you are playing with the scale.