I have started to get in the habit of creating midi drum grooves when I am producing music. I also spend hours learning and drawing out new grooves to increase my library.  So, I sat down and hashed out a bunch of MIDI patterns that I can drag and drop into my Set. That made writing way faster.

Subaqueous Step Midi Drum Grooves

This is a collection of some of my songs from my first album Wave Pulse as well as other Downtempo Dubstep midi drums that I have been working on.

Included is 44 drum grooves separated by High Hat, Kick, Brass/Snare, and Other Percussion. I also included a small Ableton live set that just has them layered out so you can add your own drum rack and play around with them.

To get the files sign up below to be a member of this site, and then the Files will appear below.

I’ve also done a lot of other MIDI libraries since this one, the first. Check out my Hip Hop Library for further inspiration.  The video below is from the Hip Hop Library, but it gives insight on how to use these.

Enjoy the Grooves!

Cover for live pack library with pictures of music instruments in background

Want the biggest collection of Live Packs and Live Instruments in one click?

The Subaqueous Archive is a collection of all my free / by donation live packs in one massive collection. It’s orginized and easy to add to your Live User Library. Inludes thick drum racks, deep 808’s, rare world instruments, and more.