The new PMX-300 Instruments are a series of Ableton Live 9 instrument racks which are going to be released in packs of between 6-12 instruments by category.  The packs are developed by Animus Invidious of PerforModule, and will be released at in sets of 3 packs at a time. The first three sets, now released, are “PMX-301 Classic Pianos”, “PMX-302 Funky Pianos” and “PMX-303 Organs”.

Here at, exclusively, is one of the instruments from the “PMX-303 Organs” pack: the “PMX-300 Drawbar Organ”.

The samples which have been recorded through a dual triode vacuum tube at 96kHz with per-note reactive intelligent processing for maximum audio quality.

They have been crafted into sampler & simpler racks which make the most of the built-in parameters, fine-tuned to optimize each individual instrument.

Special controls for the Organs set include “swell (EXP)” and “crescendo” pedals.

It is designed to play similar to how real organs do, so how hard you hit the keys only barely affect the resulting volume. For ideal authenticity, map the “EXP Pedal” macro control to a foot expression pedal and use that to control the volume as you play with a keyboard. “Crescendo Pedal” is meant to be used more occasionally, to boost intense passages.

All of the organ instruments have infinite sustain, so holding down a note will cause that note to play indefinitely, just like a real organ.

This free instrument also comes with the bonus audio effect “Leslee Rotary”. This emulates the classic rotating speaker cabinet used on many real organs, including its tube preamp, dual woofer and horn speakers with individual rotation motors, and an optional additional reverb speaker. The rate of the rotation is selectable between the classic “chorale” and “tremolo” settings based on research into their historic speeds. It is recommended to use automation to slope between the upper and lower ranges to emulate the acceleration or braking of the motors.

For those who have the Max For Live Essentials pack installed, there is an included “Doppler” control which makes the sound even more realistic (if you do not own Max For Live, just ignore the missing file warning and use the effect as-is).

Here is a preview of the instrument by PerforModule:

Download the full pack here: