Best Office Chairs for Music Producers

Two months ago I got a back injury. Since then I have been working on my overall back health and decided to level up my studio with the one thing that effects my everyday life… My chair!  If you spend more than 10 hours a day in your studio/chair then it is worth the investment to get a chair that will help you sustain a healthy back during your whole career.  I should have done this ages ago.

I did a lot of research on office chairs. Here are my top picks after trying many of them out at local stores, and eventually buying one on amazon.

My Top Office Chair Pick

Build Quality
Best office chair for the price

I wanted to start with the Office Chair I ended up buying. There were a few things I was looking at for a chair. First of all, I wanted it to be around $100. I also wanted it to be breathable, not sweaty, and good for my lower back.  After a month of searching, the Midway Mesh Office Chair fit the bill. I’ve had this for a few weeks and love it. The cushion is comfortable, it has many different height adjustments, and was a really good price.

The build quality seems great. I put it togeather in 15min and can tell all the parts are solid. This chair is worlds better than my last and I can already tell a big difference. I highly suggest this one.

Buy the Modway Office Chair

The Ferrari of Office Chairs – High End

Build Quality
High End Office Chair for Back Pain

The Herman Miller Aeron office chair is something else. I had the opportunity to sit in one of these for a few days and I never thought I would find an office chair sexy. I mean, really… this office chair is so damn comfortable. You know you have made it in life if you have this chair in the studio.

The only disadvantage of the Herman Miller Aeron is the price.  It goes for around 900 USD, but it’s worth it. I didn’t have this in my budget, but I will eye this one for my next life upgrade. This Office Chair is also built to last. I have friends that have had this chair for 5+ years and swear by it.  If you do a lot of office work on top of music production, then this might be a really good investment.

Buy the Herman Miller Aeron

Best Budget Office Chair

Build Quality
Best budget office chair for the studio

If you are looking for a low-end budget chair for your studio, then this Amazon Basics office chair is perfect for you.  I went to a local furniture store that sold used office chairs and tried a lot of them out. Even a basic chair like this went for 80-100 usd.  I thought that was a little much, so when I saw this online I knew it was a good value.

I’ll be honest, I have not tried this chair. I see it has great reviews and heard of it a lot online. I think this would be great for someone with a low budget and would rather have a decent chair than one falling apart from goodwill.  Don’t expect it to last 5+ years, but it will serve you well to start.

Buy the Amazon Basics Office Chair

A Different Office Chair

Build Quality
Best budget office chair for back pain

My physical therapist swears by this type of chair. The kneeling office chairs keep you in a much more natural alignment while you are sitting. Another bonus is they are fairly cheap as compared to other office chairs designed for good ergonomics.

I have sat in this type of chair for a few weeks at a studio. It’s nice but takes some getting used to. I am actually considering getting this as my second chair. That way I can move between my two office chairs to switch things up, just like how I use 2 different mouses for my wrist.

Buy the Kneeling Office Chair

Best 3$ Ever Spent

Build Quality
Cheap back support

I highly suggest you grab this for $3. Seriously, this lumbar support is so helpful. I actually use this with my office chair and it’s been so helpful as I deal with this back pain. I got another one for my car and it’s been great for keeping me in a good posture while I drive.

I can not talk this up enough, and it’s worth any penny. If you are looking at a new chair and need to save up, buy this in the mean time. If you have a decent office chair but have some back pain, buy this. The only reason I am so adamant is because of how much it helped me when I had back pain.

Buy the Lumbar Support

There you have it, my list on best Office Chairs for the studio. I found it hard to find this kind of information when I was buying and am happy to share it. If you have any stories or chair suggestions, please comment below.  I really wish I just paid for a decent chair 5 years ago, but live and learn. Grateful to have this new upgrade in my studio life though.


  1. Tuomas Saarela April 13, 2017 at 9:25 pm - Reply

    Great job on researching. Something I’d suggest to explore is getting up from the chair and standing. Few years back when I got a an electric desk to our office, I got hooked so badly that now I have one at home also!

    Standing is the best position for your back apart from laying down. Which I also do once in an hour or two. When you stand, you’re really never completely still, but moving your middle body a bit. Unconscious slouching that often happens when sitting happens neither.

    If on budget, you can just mount a surface to a wall, but make sure it’s exactly on the right height (arms 90 degrees). With electric you can also switch between sitting and standing.

    Any physical movement therapy helps also, for me it’s ashtanga yoga. Good luck with your back, I personally know how it feels!

  2. Matija Zajšek December 18, 2018 at 3:26 am - Reply

    Hi, my opinion is that ergonomic chairs are expected to be high quality, be specifically design for ergonomic requirements and be constructed of durable materials. They should also be comfortable and offer good back support for long periods of time sitting.

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