It has been a while since my last post due to traveling around the West coast on tour. During that time I spent what free time I had on this new and exciting midi collection. Before I gave away the free Dubstep midi collection, and this time and I am leveling it up with the Tribal Rhythms!

Below is a collection of Tribal Rhythms. They are traditional rhythms used in lot of Arabic music. The rhythms are used with tabla and dumbek as well as other drums. I took live recordings and translated them to MIDI patterns.

I wrote out the rhythms as midi and collected them all together. This pack has 102 rhythms. Since it is all MIDI files it can be used with any DAW. They are all organized with there traditional names. Using this as a bases for your drum beats you can create some complex and unique patterns.

Cover for live pack library with pictures of music instruments in background

Want the biggest collection of Live Packs and Live Instruments in one click?

The Subaqueous Archive is a collection of all my free / by donation live packs in one massive collection. It’s orginized and easy to add to your Live User Library. Inludes thick drum racks, deep 808’s, rare world instruments, and more.