Ableton Push is an amazing instrument for laying down new musical ideas as well as a performance tool. The Push also has the ability to use Aftertouch. In playing with the aftertouch feature in Live I notices I wanted some specific controls over it. That way I can make the Aftertouch either have a threshold, or delay when it comes in.

I spent a few months creating an Max For Live device to control Aftertouch to get these exact effects. I worked with Chris Schlyer and Icaro Ferre to get this device done. They are amazing Max For Live wizards and helped make this a reality.

After a lot of beta testing I have the finished device. Below is a video that walks through the (aq) Push Aftertouch Devices and the massive (aq) Push Pack Pro.

Max For Live Device to Control Aftertouch in Push

(aq) Aftertouch – Threshold

This uses a threshold amount. If you are playing the instrument under this threshold of pressure then the Aftertouch will not be triggered. If you press down harder and pass the threshold, then the aftertouch will be engaged.

The device also uses a Smooth Up and Smooth Down function. This allows you to change how quickly the pressure goes up and down after the threshold giving you a smoother effect.

M4L Delay Device to Control Aftertouch in Push

(aq) Aftertouch – Delay

This Patch was made with filters in mind. With this patch you can delay the Aftertouch signal in manner of Milliseconds. This way when you first play a note it will not engage the Aftertouch, after words whatever it is mapped to, lets say a filter, will then happen. Works great with filter release. This M4L device also has an Attack and Release value. This way you can decide how quickly the Aftertouch effect comes on and releases.

Download the Ableton Live Pack Below

Pack Made for Live 9.06 and will work with Mac and PC. Watch this Video for instruction on installing Packs.


Download the (aq) Push Pack Pro for even more creative tools and instruments for the Push. It includes over a Gig of original Samples, Instrument Racks, Drum Racks, and Effects that have all been optimized for the Push. This will give you a creative edge and the tools to start jamming out on Push.