At the changing of seasons from Fall to Winter I had a chance to hide away into the woods for a few days. While I was relaxing in a cabin in Washington I got out my field recorder and captured some amazing samples. I got the sound of wood crackling as it burned, the strange metal warping sounds as the wood stove heated and cooled, as well as a creaking cabin.

I collected these sounds together and made a Drum Rack from there. I call it Micro Drum Rack because they are small hits taken from the original source. Giving it a minimal and glitch like quality.  I also made my first IR samples out in the woods and room of the cabin to create new interesting convolution reverbs.  These use Max For Live. If you do not have Max for Live, then just delete the plugin from the file and the drum rack will still work great.

Download the Live 9 Pack or the original 96 Sample’s for use with any DAW below:


During this trip I also grabbed more recordings from the Big Four Ice Caves. I sent the original recordings over to AfroDJMac for him to play with. He ended up crafting a really amazing pack from these recorded samples. Check out his video below and download them off his site.


Download here

These packs go hand in hand and create a really interesting blend of electronic sound design, original field recordings, and use of Ableton Live.