Novation Launchpad has been a staple piece of gear for me. I have had the MK1, Mini, and now I added the Launchpad Pro. When performing Live I am always looking for a stand… after many tries, here is my list of the perfect stands for Novation Launchpad.

Best Stand for Standing Performance

When performing I prefer to stand and have my MIDI gear face out to the audience. I have found the Quik-Lok TriPod Stand, LPH-001 to be the perfect stand. It’s lightweight (compared to other stands I have had), and it fits all the Launchpads perfectly.  The stand is foldable and works great on the road. My only gripe is it doesn’t lock and just twist tightens… but that shouldn’t matter too much.  This would be my number one choice.



Push Stand for the Desk

Next up, I have used this adjustable stand for my desk. This stand is adjustable for the angle you need. It makes it a lot easier to set up in your studio or on a table.  This stand is also metal, sturdy, yet a cheap price. Total win for the desktop.  Bonus… it feels pretty stable when pounding on the pads. 


Portable Table Stand

Another option is having a portable stand you can put on the DJ table. I found the VEKTOR Laptop stand to be top notch for this. It’s cheaper then some hardcore DJ stands, but has the stability you need. It locks into place and can handle the weight.  I think the Adjustable Amazon Basic on is great for the home studio, but this one is sturdier for the road.


DIY Stand

The first stand I used for the Launchpad was a snare stand. I had some laying around and tried it out. This was great in the studio when I needed more space on my desk. I just put it on the Snare Stand and chair height. I now use it for my Push One, but it worked great for Launchpad. A little precarious… but it worked.

I don’t actually suggest buying a snare stand to use with the Launchpad. It works, but if you are going to spend money I think the Samson stand or the Quik-Lok TriPod Stand, LPH-001 would be a better buy. But, if you have one already then this could be a good option for you. There are many different snare stands so finding the right one might be a little tricky if you are going for new. I did use this snare stand for the Launchpad and it worked for my needs. And… it’s a little lower then I would like.


Those are my top picks for stands for the Novation Launchpad. They will work great with the regular and Pro. If you got any suggestions or things you think work better, please comment below.