Icaro Ferre is an amazing Max For Live developer. He has created amazing synths and utilities in Max For Live.  His Grain Flux Synth is amazing and totally worth checking out.

Today I saw his newest device that brings new functionality to Ableton Push. The PS-8 is a new Step Sequencer for Push. 

8-step analog-style sequencer for the Ableton Push inspired by analog sequencers such as the Korg SQ-10 and Moog 960 Sequential Controller.
PS-8 is great for live performance and improvisation.
The main difference between PS-8 and other Push sequencers is that it uses the Push encoders to change the pitch / velocity of the eight steps and rows of pads to control other parameters such as gate length, shuffle amount and direction.

Here is a video walk through of the PS-8.

I absolutely love the functionality this new device brings to live performance. Thanks a lot Icaro for continuing to rock new innovation To learn more you can also go to http://www.spektroaudio.com/