I went over to my friend D’answers place the other day and ended up walking away with a new piece of gear. He showed me the Launchpad Mini. I already liked the look and size of it, but once he showed me the new script by Native Kontrols I was in!

I know Native Kontrols from there Push Script and Clyphx.  Basically anything they create just blows my mind.  So I checked out their script for the Launchpad called LPC Live 2.

Overview video of what you can do with the LPC Live 2.

Just messing around with it, here is a video we made. Just some bro’s messing with some toys.

Now this script goes deep… Adds a whole new level to your production and live set possibilities. I have been loving it for Step Sequencing. I highly suggest grabbing this from Native Kontrols.

If you’re interested in the Step Sequencing check out my article on some Sequencing cheat sheets I made for laying down beats with the Launchpad Mini.