Ableton Live 9 Basics – Now $9

Live 10 is out and that means it’s time for me to update my 101 courses.  What that means is if you have Live 9 and still want to learn the program before upgrading to 10, then this is the perfect time to grab my Live 9 course. I am making it only $9! Originally 80 when I first made it 2 years ago. This course is a massive collection of videos on the basics of using Live 9.

So you want to stick with live 9 and learn it…. Here is info on the Ableton Live 9 Breakthrough Course.

What You’ll Get:

  • 6+ Hours of Course Videos
  • Downloadable Example Sets
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Updates to the Curriculum for one year

Who It’s For:

  • Complete beginners
  • Musicians Moving from Another DAW
  • Intermediate Users as a Review
  • Bedroom Producers
  • Performers Wanting to use Live

What You’ll Learn:

  • Navigating Ableton Live
  • Editing MIDI
  • Building Your Tracks Arrangement
  • Basic DJing with Ableton Live
  • Using Audio Effects
  • Recording Audio

Still want to learn more about the courese?  Here is the trailer I made for the Live 9 course.

Course Trailer:


Grab the course for only $9 while we develope our new Live 10 course.

Get Started Today!

If you still aren’t sold, then check out the Ableton Live Breakthrough Course page to look at the Outline, example videos, and more.

Thanks, everyone! Now I need to get to work making those Live 10 Videos.  If you’re interested in learning more about Live 10 and upgrading, then check out my article on Upgrading with Live 10.