One on One Private Lessons

We offer one on one lessons to help you directly on your productions. 

What are Private One on One Classes?

Every question and every musician are different. We have different gear, goals, and taste. In these one on one private lessons we will go over exactly what you need to know to quickly move on to creating the music you want.  I can tailor the class to answer things about mixing, a specific sound design, gear, marketing music, you name it. With over 7 years in the industry and being an authority in Ableton live I have a lot to offer.

One on one lessons are suited for all levels. Below is a list of subjects / lessons I have taught in the past:

  • Composition critique
  • Arranging
  • Performance techniques & custom setup
  • Songwriting critique & techniques
  • Mixing techniques
  • Instrument, Drum and Effect Rack design
  • Production expertise
  • DIY Mastering skills
  • Sound design

Personalized Instruction

The online calls will be over Zoom, it’s a similar program to Skype. Zoom allows us to share screens online, stream audio, and even record the class for future review. It’s like having a teacher right at your workstation.  Well, in a futuristic sort of way. Classes can easily be scheduled online. Check our calendar to see if the time slots you want are available.

Make sure you contact me and pay for a class before booking it. (Contact form below)

One on One classes are $60 an hour payed after the class.

I’m not looking for a bunch of students, but the right students that are a good fit for what I have to offer. Sign up below with your information so we can discuss how learning through subaqueous music can help you.