Your soul goes into making your music.  I will be just as dedicated to making that music sound good on any system.

Ableton Certified Trainer Isaac Cotec has been offering full service Song Mastering, Stem Mastering, Song Mixing and Production for over 5 years. He has worked with a list of clients in many genres. Isaac Cotec can give you that Big Label sound you are looking for. Using deep tools and more important an arsenal of techniques Isaac Cotec can master your track for perfect dynamics and a polished final mix. If it’s for the huge festival sound system or deep headphone listening he has you covered. Not convinced yet? Check out his list of past clients.


Get those Masters Started:

  • $40 per track.
  • Reduced Rates for albums or 4+ tracks.
  • Buy in bulk! 12 masters for $380
  • Reduced Rates for Labels (message for more details.)
  • Interested in mastering for iTunes or Sondcloud, message for more details.

Need helping Mixing?

  • STEM Mixing and MASTERING – $90 per song. Submit  your mixed stems (such as 8 final stems of all your drums, bass, and so on) and we will carve out the perfect final mix. Having stems lets us have even more control and ways of improving the final master.
  • Get one on one help with your mixes – Contact me for more information on helping mix your music.

Each of these services includes one touch up session if needed. Email below to book a session

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