Speed up your music production with this huge MIDI Library of drum patterns. This MIDI Library has over a thousand drum MIDI loops to help inspire you. Just drag and drop them into any DAW and start building new and unique drums. The Collection is a great place to learn about different rhythms and beats across a massive range of genres.

  • 664 MIDI Drum Patterns by Genre
    • Future Bass, House, Trap, Dubstep Riddim, and more.
    • 20+ Genres
  • 403 Percussion Rhythms from all around the world

Entire MIDI Drum Collection for only $48

Compatible with any DAW

How it works

1. Download and Browse the huge library of MIDI files.

2. Drag them into your music production to start.

3. Add any drum sounds you want and build out your track.

Get ideas out fast by using MIDI

To get an idea running, sometimes you just need a beat. Problem with using Audio is you can only go so far by chopping it up and you are constantly battling to make it sound natural. With MIDI Drum Patterns you can throw it onto any drum sample and edit it, make variations, and have a realist flow to your drums.  If you don’t like the drum sounds, just swap them out. That is why I’ve built and created this massive collection for my own music process. And now I want to share it as a resource to help other music producers.

Access to a huge range of rhythms

This collection comes with 20 different genres of beats. This wide pallet could help you discover new rhythms, or give you a go-to collection of beats for your music. The Collection includes:

MIDI Drum Beats Separated by GenreExtra Percussion Separated by Instrument
  • Blues
  • Breakbeat
  • Dancehall
  • Dub
  • Dubstep
  • Funk
  • Future Bass
  • Future Garage
  • Heavy Metal
  • House
  • Jazz
  • Moombahton
  • Reggae
  • Techno
  • Rock
  • Trap
  • and more. 
  • Agogo
  • Ashiko
  • Bells
  • Bongos
  • Cabasa
  • Cajon
  • Cowbell
  • Guiro
  • Shackers
  • Table
  • Taiko
  • Timbales
  • Triangle
  • Udu
  • Woodblock

If you get stuck on a track and need inspiration, this Collection has you covered.

Get ideas moving fast and build out your arsenal of beats with the Ulitmate MIDI Drum Collection.

Get the Ultimate MIDI Drum Collection

Speed up your production and get instant inspiration with over 1,000 Drum Patterns and Rhythms.

Satisfaction guarantee

I am here to help inspire your music, not sell snake oil. I tried my hardest to make a collection of instruments, Ableton Live Tools, and Samples that every producer would love. Well… if you don’t I will refund your money, no questions asked.

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