• This retro sounding pack is perfect for Electronica Synth Pop and Dark Wave. Live Pack features a collection of that 80's-90's sounding synths made with real VHS tape effects, Analog Cassettes, and more. Add unique character and spice to your tracks with Lo-Fi Synths.
  • Grab this pack of over 195 original sound effects inspired by the retro arcade games of the late 80’s/early 90’s. that have been put into Ableton Live Drum Racks.
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    A collection of Ethnic and world string instruments from around the world. All instruments are tuned to 432 in Ableton Live.
  • Need to add some epic percussion to your track?  Want to give it that big Cinematic drum sound? Then welcome to Subaqueous’ Colossal Thunder! Inspired by some of the cinematic Sci-fi films, this Pack gives you access to epic drums that can add electric thunder to your tracks. This pack offers big hits, one-shots, integrated Ableton Live Drum Racks, and epic tribal grooves that will give your track an infectious pulse. It's perfect for any edgy producer looking to add synthetic and organic rhythm to their tracks.  
  • Get making epic house tracks fast with this Live Pack. Essential House is a collection of diverse presets for Ableton Live 10's Wavetable. . Packed with rick basslines, dubby delay-drenched chords, hazy cloud-like pads, and morphing risers.  Essential House has all the bumpin’ basement-ready presets you need. Pure vibes for dayyyyyys!
  • This series goes over coming up with concepts, building sketches, editing, genres, and how to produce tracks fast in Ableton Live.
  • Add mind-blowing next level production presets with that silky Wavetable sound.  This pack has everything you need to make a continuous stream of Future Bass hits! The pack is inspired by artists such as Venemy, Flume, Chainsmokers, Odesza, Tony Romera, and Marshmello. The Wavetable presets are meticulously good and usable in many genres including future bass, trap, hip hop, dubstep, and even tropical house!
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    Binaural Beats allow us to take consciousness into our own hands. This online course goes through the basics of Binaural Beats and how to implement them into your music. These techniques are a great way to make meditation music, layer into existing music, and give you a whole new way of affecting someone with your music.
  • This Sample Library is a treasure trove of ideas. With over 100 Melodies, you can drag these into your production, start chopping them up and rearranging them to make a new hook. You can also use these samples in Live performance to add variety to your set.  This sample library gives you access to uniquely alluring melodies from world instruments and instrumentalist across the globe. Featured Musicians: Subaqueous - Many of these melodies are taking from Subaqueous tracks, b-sides, and recordings. Many hidden gems that have never seen the light of day. Krikor Andonian aka KR3TURE: Multi-instrumentalist and all around bad-ass musician Krikor has been featured in this library with his Saz, Flutes, Duduk, and more. Make sure you check out his stuff at https://soundcloud.com/kr3ture Library Includes:
    • 111 Audio Loops of Mystic Melodies
    • 47 MIDI Files for fast editing and creating new Melodies
    • All files are organized for easy deployment
    • All samples are high-quality 24bit 44100
    • All Samples are ROYALTY FREE! Use them in any project.
  • Have you sat down to work on a track and wanted to throw in a beat for inspiration?  Your then building out the track and you realize that Loop you used will only get you so far. You wish you had the kick separated, or that strange minimal sound. Well... that is exactly what I had in mind when I made this new Deep Tribal House Loop Library. This Loop Library contains over 200 Samples, Loops, One Shots, MIDI Files, and more. It's easy to drag and drop into your production and can give you warp speed in the studio.
  • Essential tools to jumpstart you into the world of 432 and microtonal music.  77 custom instruments that are tuned to 432 and Scale of Fifths. You can drag and drop the instruments into your production to quickly start creating in 432.
  • This brand new royalty free sample collection is dedicated to Deep Dub. This collection is another Beat Builder that lets you drag in complete drum loops and even open up the solo parts to mix and match the beat to get the exact caliber of sound you are looking for. Unleash new beats in your music fast to get that deep dub and reggae vibe.
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